About Us

Founded in 1985 by Allan and Anne Richardson, Snapfast was primarily set up as a workshop sundry wholesaler to local authorities and business’ the Tyne & Wear area.

Since it’s inception, Snapfast has grown steadily each year both in product and customer database.

25 years on we are now regarded as one of the premier supply aids to the private and public sector across the UK.

Your commercial concierge.

“Most people wouldn’t consider starting a company based on moral values, but obviously something is working.

Treat people how you would like to be treated; there is no reason why this ideal cannot be taken into the business environment.”

“We started in our garage working out of home. People liked our approach, and yes, we were only a two-person operation, but we would not refuse a request.

Now we are a much larger company with a lot of overheads in an increasingly difficult market place. However this service based ethos remains critical to myself and my staff.”

“We make companies comfortable. Providing an external base of operations to aid and provide for any business, helping them grow, and in turn, helping us grow. Maybe our success is also in our dexterity.”

Allan Richardson