Our Service

The main mission of our business is to provide unrivalled customer service. Whether it is product sourcing, workforce management or a fast, efficient delivery schedule.

We take pride in delivering the best for our clients, focusing on environmental responsibility, value for money and above all, customer satisfaction.

We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to provide customers with a total business solution, tailored to their specific needs.

Quality of service is key, quarterly ISO9001 audits ranging from customer satisfaction surveys to internal processes result in frequent staff training courses, client liaisons, and research and development meetings.

Workforce management
Outsourcing for professional services.
Scheduled delivery service, collections.
Warehousing & Storage
Call off orders, stock replenishing facilities, re-order level set up, hired storage space.
At your service whenever necessary, let the Snapfast concierge source and supply whatever you need.
Graphic Design
Fully qualified graphic, 3D and architectural design facility.
Relux Design
Qualified Relux Lighting design staff.
Product Development
Ground up bespoke product design, testing, manufacturing and supply.
Photometric Data
Working with lightlab UK to provide all types of photometric lighting design.
Project Management
Planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to achieve specific goals set by our customers.
E-procurement set up
Dexterous software for easy e-procurement set up and installation.
Product Sourcing
Over 5,000 suppliers at our fingertips, we can find it.
Re-stocking Service
Customer shadowing tailored re-order levels and delivery schedule.
Supplier consolidation
Bringing the best ideas to the table and exploring all the options with the customer.
Next day delivery
24 hour delivery service guarantee*.
Lighting Consultancy
Use our staff to plan lighting schemes to meet any requirements.
Providing parts, sundries and accessories for restoration and servicing of agricultural equipment.
Servicing garages and workshops with an ever-expanding 6000+ line up of tools, disposables and parts.
Public Sector
Working closely with Councils and other areas of public sector industry to produce an extensive database of products and professionals to provide a bespoke, total business solution.
Private Sector
Taking the stress away from larger private sector business’ such as factories and PFI’s. Bespoke client portfolios focusing on the total servicing of your business. Utilizing every area of Snapfast’s expertise.
Roads & Highways
Extensive range of road lighting products and services. Full traffic management business directory.
Servicing hospitals, nursing homes and GP surgeries with products from hygiene and sanitary products to domestic and commercial lighting.
Servicing schools, universities and colleges with full utility lighting solutions, general maintenance parts, full cleaning facilities, storage and health and safety signage.
Hotels & Leisure
Providing the Leisure industry with a wide range of utility and architectural lighting systems. Cleaning and hygiene products, storage and signage.
Extensive range of architectural and utility lighting services. Storage, signage and health and safety equipment.
Plant Hire
Providing specialist accessories for heavy-duty machinery. Part sourcing facilities, bespoke engineering and a full catalogue of tools, disposables and parts.
Working closely with suppliers to compile a database of companies and products for customers conscious of energy consumption and carbon footprint.